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Individual Membership for Students on Accredited EQA/ESQA programmes

This membership is for individuals only

For all new members who are joining the EMCC as part of the completion of an EMCC EQA/ESQA course, this membership type offers a 30% discount on the first year of membership.

EUR 105 / 12 months

This membership is for individuals only

Membership category for practitioners, coaches, mentors, trainers, supervisors, consultants, managers and other individuals with an interest in coach/mentoring.

EUR 150 / 12 months

This membership is for individuals only

Student membership for persons enrolled in a secondary or tertiary school, college or university.

EUR 75 / 12 months
Organisational Membership

Includes membership for 4 named individuals and is aimed at Coaching, HR, training and other professionals whose roles and include responsibility for development, co-ordination, provision of coach/mentoring schemes or program.

EUR 500 / 12 months